Semi-Automatic Coffee Capsule & Coffee Cup Sealing Machine


Semi-Automatic Coffee Capsule & Coffee Cup Sealing Machine can automatic put aluminium lid on the coffee capsule and sealing the coffee capsule, Worker just need to put the coffee capsule or coffee cup in the right mould location. Such semi-automatic coffee capsule & coffee cup sealing machine is used for factory who require higher coffee capsule sealing speed and worker salary is low.

Working Process

Electric automatic sealing machine can automatic seal, cut film. artificial filling, put a box, automatic film (can also be manually put film) with automatic sealing, automatic cutting.With compact structure, convenient use, simple maintenance and high production efficiency.Can work continuously 24 hours a day. In anti-corrosion materials such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper ,etc.conforms to food hygiene law, stable performance, it is the main equipment of a reliable food production line.

Parameter Table

  • Capacity 300-700pcs/hour
  • Sealing size: According to the sample
  • Voltage: 220V  50Hz
  • Power: 250 w
  • Air consumption: no
  • Machine weight: 30kg
  • Machine size: 300*250*550 mm


The machine frame is made of Angle steel welded together, after antirust processing outsourcing 304 # stainless steel, the exposed parts do antirust processing and stainless steel, aluminium, etc, the material parts contacted for 304 # stainless steel and aluminum.


need to customize the machine according to the sample from buyer.

Working Video of Coffee Capsule Sealing Machine

Company Profile

Romiter Group is a market leading designer and a manufacturer of coffee capsule filling sealing machinery, include coffee capsule packing machine, coffee capsules filling sealing machine, nespresso capsules filling sealing machine, k-cup filling sealing machine, lavazza blue capsules filling sealing machine, caffitaly capsules filling sealing machine, Lavazza Espresso Point Filling Sealing Machine, coffee pod filling sealing machine, coffee pod packing machine, coffee bean roasting machine

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