2022 Best Selling Coffee Capsules Review Report


1. The Trend for Coffee Capsules Market

coffee capsules are still the most popular product and at the same time, there are more and more people interested in instant coffee.

For using coffee capsules, the user should have one small coffee capsule brewing machine at home or in the office. Anyone could get a cup of fresh coffee within 1 minute.

But for freeze-dried instant coffee, just open the instant coffee capsules and pull in the boiling water is ok, which is more convenient.


2. Which is the best-selling Coffee Capsules

In the market, Nespresso is definitely the best-selling currently in the world and its sales of it are still increasing each year. Nespresso has a history dating back to 1948, which indicates that Nespresso has undergone over 50 years of development. It has contributed greatly to the rise of the instant coffee business and hence the thriving of the manufacturing of coffee capsule filling and sealing machines.

Every year, there will be new flavors developed and come out, and hundreds of flavors of Nespresso exist in the world. The diversity of the flavors of the Nespresso coffee capsules is the main reason for its popularity, while the constant innovation prevents this heat from being subsided. As I mentioned early, anyone could find one flavor they love in coffee capsules. Maybe I could also say that anyone would find one flavor from Nespresso coffee capsules they love.


But, for the global market, Nespresso Capsules is not the most popular type in all countries. 

For instance, K cups based in the USA has grown to be one of the biggest coffee capsule suppliers in the world and it is the No. 1 in the USA. One of its most popular flavors is Americano. They are saying that if you drink a cup of Americano from K cups and eat he donut at the same time, your day is just made.

Besides K cups’ popularity in the USA, in the North American market, there is a famous system of coffee capsules developed by Nespresso which is called Nespresso Vertuoline. It is like a customized system, especially for the North American market.

Further, even in the European market where Nespresso stemmed from, Nespresso is not the most popular. According to some research, Lavazza capsules are more popular there. The main reason is that there are a lot of different sizes of Lavazza in the market that can meet all types of demand. Myself, I am a deep coffee lover and I prefer large cups of coffee. I could drink a lot of cups, over 1 liter each day. So Lavazza capsules are my favorite.

Italian coffee capsules are the top competitors to Nespresso. There is a well-known company called GAGGIA which has developed a special but popular coffee capsule system, the Caffitaly. This old company never stopped innovation. They carry out a lot of research each year to identify the different types of demands in the market. And they will adjust or create new flavors to meet the new kind of demand for coffee capsule flavors.

The system is like this: Caffitaly coffee capsules have two microfiltration back pressures above and below. High pressure of 15 bar is generated by the pump, which then penetrates the capsule. First micro press the filter coffee grounds. The pressure received by this filter is evenly distributed, which ensures that the brewed coffee has the same taste as espresso. Because the pressure will be brought in through the upper microfiltration equalizer, and it will be brought in very evenly. This pressure plus the secondary microfiltration back pressure can make the coffee powder brew a more mellow and rich taste.


3. What is the main difference between different type coffee capsules

The differences might lie in the weight of the granule or powder inside the coffee capsules, the size, the outlook or design of the coffee capsules, the flavor of the capsules, the packaging style,  the way of brewing the coffee capsules, and others. Let us go over the major differences one by one.

The weight of granules or powder inside the coffee capsules:

Different brands have different weight standards which stem from the customer’s demand in a different region. It could be 8 grams of coffee powder inside the capsuled for the Caffitaly, for instance.

Coffee Capsules Size

As I mentioned before, I prefer the large size Lavazza because of its large size which could meet my daily coffee consumption requirement. But in general, smaller size are more popular. And different coffee capsule providers would divide coffee lovers into different groups such as heavy coffee lovers and light coffee lovers.

The outlook or design of the coffee capsules

There are cup-shaped coffee capsules, and there are UFO-shaped coffee capsules. In general, those types of special styles of structure are created to target young coffee lovers. Those various structures of coffee capsules are customized.

The flavor of the capsules

Even for just Nespresso, there are hundreds of flavors. The richness of flavors originated that different countries have different cultures and their preference towards coffee tastes are totally different. Espresso without sugar would be someone’s favorite, while cappuccino or latte is someone else favorite. It is that different demand, resulting in the big brands never stopping innovation of new flavors.

The packaging style

This is quite simple. Some boxes are packed with 5 coffee capsules and some are packed with 10 coffee capsules. I think this is based on the purchasing power of customers.

The way of brewing

It depends on the brewing machine also. Water temperature and the time the water runs through the coffee powder so to carry out the flavor would affect greatly the taste of the coffee.


4. What service Romiter Machinery provide for the Coffee Capsules Business

Actually, it is very easy to start a coffee capsule filling and sealing business so to sell to local shops or supermarkets their coffee capsules. All you need is a bit of investment to buy a high-quality coffee capsule filling and sealing machine that ROMITER could provide.

ROMITER coffee capsule filling and sealing machines are designed by well-experienced engineers. ROMITER adopts food safety grade materials and well-known brands to the machines to ensure high-efficiency filling and sealing.

There are a lot of typed of coffee capsule filling and sealing machines offered by ROMITER for start-ups, small businesses and large businesses.

During the filling and sealing, the nitrogen will be flushed so to ensure a long shelf life of the coffee capsules.

Moreover, to meet any type of demand on production, AFPA offers coffee capsule filling and sealing machines for Nespresso, Lavazza, Dolce Gusto, K cups, and others. Also, ROMITER offers cups at competitive prices so it is not necessary for customers to buy cups from other suppliers.

ROMITER aims at being the best partner for customers to meet all their requirements and help them grow and lead in the market.

Auto Empty Cup Feeding Nespresso Capsules Filling Sealing Machine

Company Profile

Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading designer and manufacturer of coffee capsule packing machines. Romiter Machinery wins a wide reputation for high-quality machines with high efficiency, excellent reliability, easy maintenance, long lifespan and an excellent technical support team.

Now, Our factory can provide Rotary Type Nespresso Capsules Filling Sealing Machine, Linear Type Nespresso Capsules Filling Sealing Machine, Nespresso Capsules Sealing Machine, Nespresso Capsules Box Packing Machine, Semi-Automatic Nespresso Capsules Filling Sealing Machine, Automatic Nespresso Coffee Capsules Bag Packing Machine, Automatic Empty Nespresso Cup Ordering Feeding Machine, Round Nespresso Coffee Pod Filling Sealing Machine, Empty Aluminum Nespresso Cups, Empty Biodegradable Nespresso Cups, Kcups Nespresso Coffee Capsules Filling Sealing Machine, Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Capsules Packing Machine, Tea Capsules Filling Sealing Machine, Lavazza Blue Coffee Capsules Filling Sealing Machine, and Coffee Milk Pod Thermoforming Filling Sealing Machine

Romiter potato processing machine has passed with CE, ISO and SGS Certificates and has been widely sold all over the world.

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