Keurig Girl getting attention from carrying coffee machine

Keurig Girl getting attention from carrying coffee machine

Madison Collins, freshman in biomedical sciences, has earned a nickname around campus.

“One night, I knew I was going to be at the library really late, so I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll bring my coffee machine,’” Collins said.

Since then, students have started to refer to her as “Keurig Girl.”

“It didn’t really catch on until finals week when I started to bring the Keurig every day,” Collins said.

Collins said the price of other coffee providers and the long lines are less convenient than carrying the Keurig.

“I’m just a normal girl who carries around a coffee machine,” Collins said.

Collins said when she returned from winter break her resident assistant put a name tag on her dorm saying “Keurig Girl.”

“She’s basically a celebrity,” said Claire Dortch, freshman in elementary education and friend of Collins.

Students who know Collins said the fame came on quickly.

“It all just randomly happened,” said Zach Blomeley, junior in accounting. “It was something people found funny so she kept doing it.”

Collins said only her friends knew about the Keurig at first, but word eventually got out, and others started to ask her for coffee.

“I get coffee from her all the time,” said Alex Thrasher, sophomore in biomedical sciences.

Collins said she has not charged students for coffee, though it has helped her meet people. She said people walk up to her and ask for coffee when she is in the library, where she spends most of her time.

Collins said she spends enough time there that other students have begun relying on her for late-night caffeine.

“One night, I was studying for finals and I couldn’t stay awake, so I texted her and found where she was and got some coffee to help me stay awake,” Blomeley said.

Students use social media to keep up with Keurig girl and find where she is, according to Collins.

Collins said she lends mugs to students who do not have their own with them. They usually wash them out and return them once they’re done.

Dortch said on some nights, Collins is “handing out coffee and mugs to people left and right.”

“I think it’s hilarious and great,” said Erin Rooney, freshman in pharmacy.

Blomeley, Collins’ friend of five years, said he did not think people treated her differently after she became known.

“People think it’s funny, and she’s always been fun and funny,” Blomeley said.

Blomeley said his and Collins’ friends joke about how Collins became famous just by carrying her coffee machine with her to avoid high coffee prices.

“I didn’t intend for any of this to happen,” Collins said.



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