Coffee Pod Types

Pods come in different sizes and are available with different varieties of coffee.

Different pod sizes

Single Shot
7 gram = single dose for 1 cup (typical 6oz).

Usually used on coffee pod-specific espresso machines and some domestic coffee machines.

One Shot
10 gram = single dose for 1 cup (typical 8oz).

Specifically designed to be compatible with most commercial group coffee machines.

Double Shot
14 gram = double dose for either 1 large 8-12oz cup or 2 regular 6oz cups.

Designed for some pod-specific machines and most commercial group coffee machines.

Different types of coffee for pods

When it comes to coffee, consumers have a huge choice from organic to free trade to decaf and single origin. These options are also increasingly available in pods:

Single origin v blended coffees

Coffee can be ground from beans which have a single origin or be blended from a variety of coffee beans. Each coffee roaster takes pride in developing coffee blends with particular taste and aroma characteristics.

Different coffee bean types

Beans from different species of coffee plant produce coffee with slightly different characteristics. Arabica and robusta are the 2 main species of coffee plant:

  • Arabica accounts for about three quarters of coffee grown globally, and generally produces a higher quality coffee.
  • Robusta is a less expensive bean, with a more bitter flavor and more body than Arabica. Robusta is often added to Arabica to lower the ingredient cost, but provides the blend with a fuller flavour and better crema than Arabica alone.

Coffee from different geographic origins

Over 70 countries produce coffee world-wide, primarily in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Environmental factors have a great affect on the flavour of coffee beans. Different geographic regions of the world have different growing conditions for coffee crops, such as temperatures, soil type and humidity. Therefore, different countries and even different regions within the same country produce coffee beans with different characteristics of flavour and aroma.

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