Vacuum packaging machine maintenance methods and precautions

vacuum packaging machine are generally classified by single-chamber vacuum packaging machine, double chamber vacuum packaging machine, vacuum classification by outside pumping vacuum packing machine, vacuum packing machine within the pumping , the following teach you maintain your vacuum packaging machine. A) useless 3-5 months , wearing parts ( such as adhesive, high temperature cloth, sealing knife , etc. ) may be partially damaged , it should reserve the right amount of wearing parts and regular maintenance of the aircraft ;

B) The four planes down Caulking can be used, if in the course of discovery Caulking damaged, please use for a plane ;

C) temperature cloth is damaged, first loosen the four screws hot cloth , rotating rod in turn will burn hot cloth roll forward or backward , and then tighten the screws ;

D) sealing knife located under high-temperature cloth , remove the hot cloth , you can see it. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screw electrode fixed cover , remove it. Lift the electrode lever , Kaifeng knife loose screws , then sealing knife can be easily removed . Ends , respectively, of the new sealing knife into two electrodes , tighten screws , complete replacement of sealing knife ;

Regardless of the type of vacuum packing machines are suitable for this method .

1 , high quality vacuum pump package, the pump must be able to ensure that there is a good brand , the industry old enterprise products.

2, the electrical components must be chosen specification low-voltage electrical products manufacturing enterprises , to ensure safety, reliability , durability, because the electrical control part of the brain is the packaging machine .

3, the whole thickness of the steel structure from the material to be able to meet the frequent use of the requirements, in particular the structure of the vacuum chamber body and the use of materials to meet food grade requirements and standards of hygiene thickness , strength requirements.

4 , the entire machine design must be reasonable , beautiful, and meet the mechanical and electrical products or vacuum packaging machine of professional standardization requirements with basic security, a variety of tips signs shall complete and marked at key locations , nameplate must indicate the equipment number, date of manufacture , technical parameters and implementation of standards and so on.

Of course, there are many belong to the special requirements of non-standard models , and in the vacuum packaging machine structure should also have other more important technical parameters , these parameters with different manufacturers, different brands of vacuum packaging machine is not the same . A single-chamber and dual -chamber machine with sealing length machines are given model . Thus, we believe that the user selects vacuum packaging machine, should not simply go by model selected models, popular talk – because each user produced food ( packaging materials ) are not the same , not the same as packing size , vacuum packaging technology level requirements are different, the efficiency of the different requirements ( output size, etc. ) , but according to the user’s own characteristics of the product ( including – liquids, solids, powders , gels , semi-liquid ; butter pickles, cooked meats , seafood , etc. ) , the sizes of bags ( including – pocket width , bags longitudinal length , installed after the height of the items ( thickness ) to ultimately determine which model is suitable for the user . ) user defined models based primarily on the packaging machine sealing length , double spacing, the maximum available height of the vacuum chamber , the level of overall production efficiency and so on.



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