Manual Book of Rotary Semi-Automatic Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine

Semi-Automatic-Coffee-Capsule-Filling-Sealing-Machine for nespresso, K-cup, Lavazza Blue


Ⅰ. Usage and Feature

RMS Semi-automatic Rotary Type Filling and Sealing Machine has the functions of manual  turn  rotary  board,  automatic  filling  and  sealing.  It  adopts  intelligent temperature controller, the temperature error ≤±1%,  strong sealing function. It uses JAPANESE OMRON PLC. Fuselage of Stainless steel is up to food standard. The usage of pneumatic parts simplifies the mechanical structure., decrease the breakdown. The performance of the machine is more stable and safe. Automatic flow filling without spray or leaking, excellent sealing, increase the capacity and longer the machine life.
The machine can use aluminum foil or aluminum film or roll of plastic film, it is widely used in beverage, milk and food industries.

II. Main Parameter


Rotary speed: 10 rounds/min Output: 400 cups/hour
Filling volume: 50-300ml    (customized according to the cup size)
Heating power consumption: 1kw Air consumption: 0.3 m³/min Voltage: 220V 50HZ
Machine size: 800mm x 600mm x 800mm
Weight: 90Kg

III. Structure and Principle


1.   Structure

Refer to Whole machine structure (FIG 1) and Sealing and Cutting Structure
The whole machine is composed of main body, automatic gravity filling system, automatic  sealing  system.  The  cup  is  put  manually  in  the  cup  mould  on    the aluminum  board,  the board  turned  manually one station  ahead,  the filling piston begins to work (filling volume can be adjusted by the cylinder valve), the sealing works at the same time, the cup taken out manually.
Heating system: It is composed of intelligent temperature controller, heating element, solid booster and thermo couple. The heating temperature can be adjusted between
The machine connects 220V 50HZ Single phase alternating currents, the capacity of air compressor must be bigger than 0.4 m³/h.


2.   Principle and Usage

As Pic 1 and Pic 3 shows
Turn on “power” switch, the power indicating light is on. Connect the air compressor to the machine, adjust the air filter pressure to 0.65Mpa (it is adjusted before going out the factory), the whole machine is on the original working condition.
Turn on Heating switch, the heating indicating light is on. Set the temperature to 150℃, when the temperature reaches the setting temperature, then adjust the temperature to 160-250℃ (set the temperature according to the material and thickness of the foil/film, the thicker the foil/film, the higher the temperature is). The average temperature is 180℃.
The sealing time can be adjusted in PLC, adjust the time according to the sealing effect.
The filling volume can be adjusted by the valve.
When operating the machine, check the working condition such as running of the spare parts, the fixing of the screws, air pipe connection. If anything wrong, stop the machine immediately and fix it, then restart the machine.
When the temperature reaches the setting temperature, put the cups into the cup mould, install the film on the film set or put the foils in the foil setting system, turn the rotary board, the indicating light is on, the machine is on automatically filling and sealing, the finished products should be taken out manually.


IV.  Installation and Adjustment

1.   After opening the package, check the spare parts first to make sure you get all the parts. Check the screws tight or loose, check the operation of the parts.
2.   Adjust  the  temperature  according  to  the  thickness  of  the  film/aluminum  foil. Adjust the volume by the cylinder valve. The temperature time and sealing time can be adjustable.

V.    Maintaining


1.   Check the air source pressure before running, the average air pressure should be 0.6-0.7Mpa. To insure the good working of the cylinder, drain the waste water in the filter regularly.
2.   After working, let the heating part cool on room temperature. Clean the filling tank with hot water and drain the water. Clean the aluminum board to prevent corrosion and aging.
3.   Clean the heating part to better the sealing effect.
4.   Connect the machine earth wire properly to safe using.
5.   Set the sealing temperature from low to high to insure the sealing temperature more even and better sealing effect.
6.   Stop the machine immediately when breakdown happens, the whole machine is on reset condition, shut down the power and check the breakdowns. After fixing, restart the machine.


VI.    Breakdown and Solutions

The power indicating light is off when turn on “power” switchA. power switch bad contactA. change the switch or fix the switch touch point
B. the light breaks down or welding looseB. change the light or re-welding
Filling volume inaccurateA. valve not adjust properlyA. Readjust the valve
B.   filling solenoid valve core has stain or coil burnedB.   Clean the core and change the solenoid valve
Bad sealingA. sealing   temperature too lowA. adjust the sealing temperature
B.   sealing spring agesB. change the sealing spring
C.   the film and the material of the cup not matchC. change the film
Temperature    controller    not workA.   the temperature switch burnedA. change the switch
B.    heater burnedB.   change the heater
C.   temperature controller breaksC.   repair the temperature controller or change it
D.   thermo couple not connect properly or breaksD. reconnect the wire or change the thermo couple



VII. Electronic Diagram and Electronic Parts List

1. Electronic Diagram


Electronic Diagram of Semi-automatic coffee capsule filling sealing machine


2. Electronic parts list

No.Part Name
1Solid booster
3Button with indicating light
4Intelligent temperature controller
5Thermo couple 
7Power switch


VIII. Packing list

Rotary cup filling and sealing machineRMS1Set
Operation Manual 1Pc
internal hexagonal wrenc hM41Pc
internal hexagonal wrenchM51Pc
internal hexagonal wrenchM61Pc
internal hexagonal wrenchM81Pc
internal hexagonal wrenchM101Pc
External hexagonal wrench14-17mm1Pc
External hexagonal wrench19-22mm1Pc
External hexagonal wrench24-30mm1Pc
“+” shape screwdriverSize 61Pc
“-” shape screwdriverSize 61Pc
Thermo CoupleK type 1.5m1Pc
HeaterΦ12×95 220V 400W1Pc


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