Semi-Automatic Nespresso Capsules Filling Sealing Machine for Ireland Customer

Irland customer has their own nespresso capsules business before they contact us. But their nespresso capsules is made by self-adhesive aluminium lid and empty nespresso capulse, this is same with many home using manufacture process. So this is a very unefficient manufacturing way, which is not suitable for business.

Semi-Automatic-Coffee-Capsule-Filling-Sealing-Machine for nespresso, K-cup, Lavazza Blue

Before we start discuss about the business, the most worry from Irland customer is the sealing effect. But after we help Irland customer make some test using their sample. it is perfect. Irland customer feel very satisfied about it.


Our Semi-automatic nespresso filling sealing machine can produce 600 pieces nespresso capsules per hour, this increase about 4 times speed than before. this reduce Irland customer’s labor cost. The working process also become very simple.

Regarding the technical requirement, Irland customer require 5g filling in each nespresso capsules, this is very simple for our filling parts, it is adjustable according customer’s requirement. Irland customer also require the heat sealing temperature can be adjustable, so he can make sure the nespresso capsules can suitable for different nespresso capsules and have good sealing effect.

This is one very happy cooperation, Irland customer is very nice and hope we can cooperate for one bigger full automatic nespresso capsules filling sealing plant.

Welcome global coffee related company get in to nespresso capsules field. Romiter will provide best support for you.

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