Copper Moon to use compostable coffee pods

compostable coffee pods

Copper Moon Coffee wants to reduce the proliferation of plastic single-serve brewing pods dumped in landfills, president Cary Gutwein said.

The Lafayette-based coffee roasting company celebrated Earth Day with an announcement that it will begin packaging its single-serve products in compostable plastic single-serve pods.

The single-cup pods represent a substantial amount of business for Copper Moon and the coffee industry in general, Gutwein said.

“Twenty-five percent of consumers use a single-cup brewer in their home daily,” he said. “The market is growing so quickly.

“We’re trying to be innovative … and make really great coffee in an environmentally effective way with this project in particular.”

Copper Moon has partnered with Club Coffee, a Canadian company that developed PurPod100, a 100 percent compostable plastic container.

Composting is the most effective way to reduce what’s headed to the landfill, Club Coffee spokeswoman Sarah Blazak said.

Consumers don’t have time to clean the pods for recycling, and biodegradable products can take centuries to break down, she said.

“The pods can break down in weeks and return nutrients to the soil,” she said.

It took about two years to develop the biodegradable pods. Club Coffee is in the process of obtaining compostable certification from the Biodegradable Product Institute, a not-for-profit group that uses scientific standards to evaluate products.

The U.S. Composting Council is awaiting the outcome, interim executive director, Al Rattie said.

“We’re hopeful that the product is fully compostable,” he said. “It would be really positive for the environment if that’s the case.”

Production of the compostable cups is tentatively slated to start in the fall pending certification, Blazak said.

“We’re a family company that is very much about doing the right thing,” she said.

Copper Moon, also family owned, is eager to be one of the first using compostable pods, Gutwein said.

“There is no change in the taste,” he said. “We’re using bioplastic materials that don’t degrade the coffee at all.

“Once you place that pod in a machine, you’ve got a fresh product.”

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