Bidvest introduces new coffee brand package


Foodservice supplier Bidvest 3663 has launched a ‘full front of house’ coffee brand named Beans and Steam.

The offer includes everything from the coffee machine, the coffee and the cups it is served in. The package includes installation of the machine plus recommendations for barista training.

Customers can order through their local business managers initially, before topping up coffee and cup orders over the phone or online direct to Bidvest 3663. A spokesman said there had been “substantial interest’ for this brand new launch.

Costs vary depending on what the customers wants – they can choose to purchase the coffee and use it with their existing equipment or take the full Beans and Steam offer, including branded POS, comprising table talkers, unbranded chalkboards, posters, menus, loyalty cards and pavement signs.

Whole beans offered comprise medium roast Fairtrade; medium roast; Brazilian 100% Arabica; and dark roast, while three-pint filter coffee sachets, decaffeinated pods and three-cup filter cafetière sachets are also available.

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