A K-Cup of the new Valley Vending


PLATTSBURGH —  After multiple remodeling projects, the last being about a month ago, Valley Vending changed its perceived conception of a business with a front office to what’s actually there — multiples of single K-Cups in a mix-and-match premium service walk-in store.

#This new layout allows customers to mix and match their K-Cups of coffees, teas and hot chocolates instead of buying them from the box load, offering approximately 170 different cup of Joe possibilities.

#“I don’t know if I’ve tried every variety of coffee,” said Jeff Prescott, president/CEO of Valley Vending. “But I’ve put a big dent in it.”


#Charles Benedict established Valley Vending Service, Inc. in the Town of Lewis when Mr. Benedict purchased 10 cigarette machines and placed them in locations as a part-time endeavor.
#Robert Prescott joined the firm in Spring 1970. In 1972, the Lewis Shop and Warehouse was built and was expanded twice in 1975 and 1978.
#In 1980, the growing business moved to a small facility in Treadwells Mills. It outgrew that by 1982, so it moved to another facility on Wall Street in Plattsburgh. The business outgrew that as well and moved to Sharron Avenue.
#Jeff Prescott came to work for the company in 1992. “I had no choice in the matter,” he laughed jokingly. “But I’ve been doing this my whole life…I love the business.”

#Robert gave Doug Lyon, who’s now the vice president of Valley Vending, a job, his big break, out of college almost 20 years ago. “I just didn’t know any better,” he chuckled. “Jeff’s father gave me the opportunity, gave me a chance.

#“I feel like I owe my career to this company.”

#In February 2001, All Season Services bought the full-line vending operation, and Valley Vending moved the amusement half of their operation to South Peru Street and Jeff Prescott obtained ownership.

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