McCabe launches UK coffee business

McCabe launches UK coffee business

Sheffield United co-owner Kevin McCabe has launched a coffee business in the UK after teaming up with one of Spain’s biggest roasters.

Cafés Novell has opened an office in Leeds with three staff to sell coffee in Yorkshire, the North and London.
The firm, which started in Spain in 1958, has partnered with Scarborough Group International after opening a handful of Espuma coffee shops in Hong Kong and China.

Cafes Novell has expanded throughout Spain and has offices in Italy, Hong Kong and the USA.

Phil White, managing director, said: “We are really excited to bring the Cafés Novell brand to the UK.

“Cafes Novell and Scarborough Group are excited to be working together and strengthening our relationship.”

Yorkshire-based Scarborough Group International, headed by the McCabe family, is a property development, investment and retail management group.

Cafés Novell uses ‘UTZ Certified’ coffee beans, which supports better farming methods and environmental impact reduction techniques.
Phil added: “The company supplies coffee directly to hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, as well as providing coffee capsule machines to business premises. We also provide a full range of herbal teas, infusions and traditional Spanish hot chocolate.

“Cafés Novell combines around 60 years of heritage and expertise in coffee.”

The firm has brought a team over from Spain which includes Xavi Mas, who was head of sales and training for Catalan (Barcelona region) and now relocated to the UK as national account manager and Eugenio Villanueva, business development manager based in Sheffield.

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