VE South Extends Summer Introductory Krea Coffee Machine Sale

 2014 summer,  Due to popular demand, VE South company has extended their
Summer Introductory Sale from July 1st 2014 to September 30, 2014. This
means that with each purchase of a Krea coffee machine, customers will
receive a free product start-up kit. The entire kit, worth $180 in
value, includes 1 Case Intenso Bean; 1Case Chai Tea; 1 Case Cup Rissimo
Cappuccino Topping; 1 Case French Vanilla; and 1 Case Hot Chocolate.

to Benjamin Waber, an MIT student involved in a recent study that found
a positive correlation between coffee breaks and work productivity,
“the more people talk to other people, the more productive they are.”
The Krea coffee machine on its own is astounding because it not only
looks great but it can brew any kind of coffee bean, including those
that can be found in the promotional start-up kit.

The Krea interface currently offers users several different selection options that are not limited to black coffee:
• Decaf Preselection;
• Black Coffee;
• Coffee with milk;
• Espresso;
• Cappuccino;
• Café Americano;
• Café Mocha;
• French Vanilla;
• Café Vanilla; or
• Hot Chocolate with milk

the Krea is not only attractive and convenient, but also flexible. The
Krea coffee machine allows full control over the drink creation process
and the customization of recipes. In addition, each of the canisters in
the machine can easily be replaced, filled, and removed. Furthermore,
the Krea is compatible with all methods of payment.



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