There’s an alarm clock that brews coffee as you are waking up

Joshua Renouf, a designer, has developed an alarm clock that starts brewing coffee while you are waking up to start the day.

The Barisieur starts the brewing process as the alarm is going off. The device uses the movement of stainless steel ballbearings to boil the water via induction heating, and that is accompanied by the smell of coffee.There is a milk vessel that is hidden, and it is sealed to keep the milk fresh and cool, and the drip tray can be removed and used as a coaster. The base and tray can be detached from the machine, and this makes cleaning it easy to do.Renouf also suggests that users may be able to get into a rhythmic routine, as they will have to put more coffee into the machine the night before.The news of the alarm clock/coffee maker came out months ago, but it still has yet to hit the market. The site says that they are in the process of developing the Barisieur for this year. The product page also said that the company will inform people when the coffee maker/alarm clock is available to purchase.Those who are interested in knowing when the product will be released can fill out a form on the site. People who plan on buying the device when it hits the market should plan on spending between $300-$400.

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