The perfect gift for a coffee lover

The perfect gift for a coffee lover

The perfect gift for a coffee lover

Holiday shopping for coffee lovers has never been easier.

Rob Betesh, owner of The French Press Coffee Roasters in Lakewood, sells many types of coffee machines for home use, with prices that range from $4.99 for a single cup coffee brewer to a $110 for a silver plated French press that Betesh contends will never break. At his shop, though, he uses the $39.99 Chemex glass coffee maker to prepare the perfect specialty cup.

“For precision, there’s nothing better than a Chemex,” he said.

Check out the complete selection at French Press Coffee Roasters, 108 Ocean Ave., Lakewood, or visit

Rook Coffee Roasters, with five locations in Monmouth County, also will have great gifts for coffee lovers this season. Holly Migliacco, co-owner of this fast-growing chain, said $5 mugs and pint glasses, along with $9 T-shirts and $25 hooded zip-up sweatshirts make fun gifts. Or make a gift basket with a pound or two of freshly roasted coffee (average price $12.50 per pound) and a bottle of cold brew ($12.50) paired with a Bee house pour-over ($18) to encourage coffee making at home.

Visit for more information about Rook Coffee’s gifts and locations.

For those who rely on their Kuerig for their daily caffeine fix, the new CoffeeStack holds 40 K-cups of coffee and stores easily in a cupboard or counter top. CoffeeStack, a new product by YouCoupia, is less than 6 inches wide and has drawers that lower to a resting position so one can easily select a coffee pod. Available at or

Now that the coffee is made, how will you serve it?

Imusa makes an eight-piece espresso set that is functional, yet stylish enough to leave on your counter-top with a convenient metal rack for display. The set, available at Macys for $9.99, contains four 3-ounce espresso cups, four plates and one metal rack. The set comes in purple stripe, green stripe, yellow and orange.

Caffe bene, a Korean coffee house chain with 15 locations in New Jersey, offers its signature glass mug in three different designs and sizes ranging in price from $7.50 to $14.50.

“These mugs are a must-have in your kitchen for those much anticipated relaxing Saturday mornings,” Stephanie Mayer, a company spokeswoman wrote in an email.

For those hectic days when you are constantly moving, Caffe bene’s functional Mazarin tumbler is perfect to take your coffee on the go. It is available in white, gray, dark brown, tangerine, sky blue and yellow. You can find them at your nearest Caffebene location for $12.50. Visit for more information.

For those who wish to shop local, think French Press, Rook or Asbury Park Roastery when buying gifts of coffee by the pound. But you can also opt for an online subscription from companies like Craft Coffee. Just make sure you know what type of coffee the recipients like, how much they drink and whether they want their beans to arrive whole or ground.

They will undoubtedly think of you every morning as they take their first sip.


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