The Most Rugged Coffee Machine Ever Is Almost a Reality


A kickstarter campaign for a coffee machine that can withstand the grit of a construction site has raised over $43K.

Restaurateurs: Do your servers like to slam your expensive coffee machine around? Then consider the COFFEEBOXXTM. A Grand Rapids, Mich.-based designer has built a coffee machine meant to withstand more than the wear and tear of the average restaurant. The CoffeeBoxx is “the world’s first ruggedized brewer for the jobsite or weekend adventure.” Though it’s designed for construction sites and off-roading adventures, the machine — which can withstand the weight of a car — will surely last longer than the average Keurig. It’s 11 pounds of kickable, drop-able, drench-able, unbendable machine.

Sadly, it only uses K-cups. So the coffee that comes out of it isn’t going to be as strong as the machine itself. But with 13 days to go, the project has raised over $43,000 of its $50,000 goal. Go watch a video of the CoffeeBoxx attached to a bomb to see just how durable it is:


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