The “Cookie Coffee Cup” Is The Sweetest Way To Start Your Morning

cookie coffee cup

Coffee is already a godsend from the celestial overlords of productivity, though one Venezuelan designer, Enrique Luis Sardi, has created a new way to enjoy a cup of Joe, by putting emphasis on the cup. Known as the “Crunchy Cup,” Sardi’s coffee-innovation is essentially a container for your coffee entirely made out of cookie. Yes, it’s a cookie cup for you coffee. Let that sink in for a second.

Originally created in partnership with Lavazza coffee, the Crunchy Cup is crafted out of a crispy pastry enrobed in a specially-made icing sugar. Not only does the icing sugar make the entire cup waterproof, and thus able to hold hot liquids, but it also sweetens you coffee for you. No need to add sugar, ‘cuz this cup has you covered.

Don’t write off the Crunchy Cup off as just a delicious gimmick. The cookie-cup has garnered some serious accolades in both the fields of design and ecology. What makes the cup so environmentally friendly is the fact that once you’re done your coffee, you just eat the cup, meaning next to no waste is created. Mother nature wins and you get a post-coffee cookie: the perfect situation.

Perhaps best about the Crunchy Cup, aside from its beneficial environmental impact, is that you never need to awkwardly hold an empty cup of coffee on the go. Sometimes a garbage can isn’t around for a solid bit of walking around, but with the Crunch Cup, you need not awkwardly hold on to your empty container, just eat the damn thing.

Mass production of the Crunchy Cup has yet to start since the design dropped in 2012, as far as we’re aware.

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