Sappi and Innovia Highlight the Future of Coffee and Tea Packaging at Coteca 2014

Sappi and Innovia Highlight the Future of Coffee and Tea Packaging at Coteca 2014

Coated, uncoated, functional papers, boards, and flexible films to meet the most challenging packaging and converting requirements

Sappi Fine Paper Europe and Innovia Films will be jointly exhibiting at Coteca 2014, located on stand 107 in Hall A4. It is the global expo for the coffee, tea and cocoa industry and takes place from the 24-26 September at the Hamburg Messe in Germany. During the event, the companies will be showcasing renewable and compostable films and other innovative developments that represent the future of coffee, tea and cocoa packaging.

“We are especially pleased to be bringing Sappi Algro Nature papers laminated with Innovia Films’ NatureFlex to this audience,” said Kerstin Dietze, Marketing Manager Speciality Papers of Sappi Fine Paper Europe. “This unique laminated solution, developed collaboratively by Sappi and Innovia, is home compostable and designed for environmentally friendly packaging applications. At Sappi, the environment is everything, and Algro Nature with NatureFlex™ laminate is a great example of our dedication to sustainability making its way into the marketplace.”

Neil Banerjee, Market Manager for Innovia Films, adds, “Over the past few years, Sappi and Innovia have collaborated on a number of projects to leverage each other’s expertise in order to deliver a complete solution. Coteca presents a great opportunity to showcase some of the work we have completed together and raise awareness in the marketplace. We look forward to talking with attendees about this highly effective and environmentally sustainable alternative for coffee and tea packaging.”

Kerstin Dietze states that converters who have tested this laminated home-compostable solution have been enthusiastic, finding that it functions well and is easy to print on with compostable inks as well as easy to heat-seal and form into pouches, bags and flow wrap packs. “The ability to be composted in a home compost bin is the icing on the cake, so to speak,” she added.

Multiple Sappi grades on display

In addition to Algro Nature with NatureFlex laminate, Sappi Fine Paper Europe will be showcasing a broad array of packaging grades, both papers and SBB boards, that are uniquely suited to coffee and tea packaging, including:
– Algro Vitess for flexible packaging, coated on one side and offering high whiteness, brightness and dimensional stability. Designed for both flexographic and gravure printing, it is available in weights of 50 g/m² to 120 g/m².
– Algro Finess, a universal one-side-coated glossy paper for high-quality packaging applications including cold sealed tea envelopes and coffee wrappers that demand high whiteness, available from 40 to 140 gsm.
– Algro Nature, A one side coated glossy Kraft paper without mineral oil-based binders. The home compostable grade is designed for environmentally friendly packaging applications (e.g. pouches, sachets and sticks) available from 40 to 80 g/m².
– Algro Teepack, a one-side-coated paper with excellent printability and crimping properties designed for tea crimped envelopes, available in 70 and 80 gsm.
– Leine Teepack, an MGBK uncoated paper with excellent crimping properties designed for tea crimped envelopes, available in 62 and 70 gsm.
– Leine Nature, an uncoated MGBK paper. This home compostable grade is designed for environmentally friendly packaging applications and is available in weights from 25 to 60 gsm.
– Algro Guard M, an innovative MGBK paper with a coating on the top side for gravure printability with an integrated mineral oil barrier (MOB) on the reverse side to protect food contained in sachets and pouches. Jointly developed with BASF, Algro Guard M is available in weights from 90 to 140 gsm.
– Leine Guard M, an MGBK paper with an integrated mineral oil barrier (MOB) on the reverse side to protect food, also developed jointly with BASF. Designed for various food packaging applications, including wrappers and inner bags, it is available in weights from 80 to 120 gsm.
– Algro Design, a one-side-double-coated SBB board for premium packaging such as tea and coffee cartons and tags that demand high whiteness and brilliant colour reproduction, available from 160 to 400 gsm.

Innovia products on display
Innovia Films will also be displaying a host of innovative and complete solutions for tea and coffee packs that are designed to replace traditional laminate packaging with more sustainable materials.

Banerjee says, “Our NatureFlex films are increasingly being used in bio-laminate packaging constructions to provide necessary barriers. In addition to its environmental benefits, NatureFlex films also offer a host of advantages for packing and converting such as inherent dead fold and anti-static properties; high gloss and resistance to grease and oil; good barrier to gases, aromas and mineral oils; a wide heat-seal range; and easy opening. If the ethos of the brand is sustainability, NatureFlex and Algro Nature are an obvious choice.”

Innovia Films range of products on display at the show include:
Bean and roast coffee pack solutions:
– Paper/19 NK/50 PE – coffee pack with non-compostable valve – Goglio SpA – coffee bio laminate with NatureFlex (complete pack with valve is industrially compostable)
– Bird & Wild NatureFlex bio laminate.

Bean and Roast coffee pack solutions with Matte film:
– Econic – bio laminate with a matte outer layer providing a natural appearance

Tea pack solutions:
– Carrington Organic Tea pouches using NatureFlex from the USA
– Variety of NatureFlex sachet and pouch solutions from GEPA, Le Jardin de Gaia, Arbor Tea and others.

Mother bag coffee capsules and pod solutions:
– Beanarella, Switzerland – joint solution with partners Sappi and BASF
– Rogers Family Company, USA – compostable mother bag (Ultra Flex Packaging Corp, USA

Eliminating Contaminant Migration

The issue of contaminant migration resulting from the use of recycled content in paper board packaging has been tackled by both Sappi and Innovia Films. Sappi’s recyclable Mineral Oil Barrier (MOB) coated papers, including Algro Guard M and Leine Guard M, both of which offer a minimum 15-month mineral oil barrier functionality. The highly efficient and integrated barrier solution is offering also excellent heat sealing properties. Innovia’s NatureFlex has been tested and proven to offer up to five years mineral oil barrier protection. Also available is Propafilm RCU, a BOPP film that provides an 18-month barrier to mineral oil.

Traditional cardboard packaging materials typically contain recycled fibres for which one of the primary raw materials is newspapers. Newspaper printing inks, as well as many commercial printing inks, contain mineral oil as solvents. Because the printing ink components are not completely removed during paper and cardboard recycling, mineral oil components can remain in the fibres. If the recycled board is used for packaging of food or transport boxes of the food packages, the mineral oil residues can migrate into the foodstuff contents, even when the contents are protected by an inner bag. Printing inks used for printing packaging materials can also be a source of mineral oil contamination. Using NatureFlex, Algro Guard M and Algro Leine M or Propafilm RCU eliminates this risk to food safety and means that there is a product to meet a wide range of shelf life requirements.

Customers Come First

“As always, we are working closely in partnership with our customers in the packaging sector to help them identify the best means of differentiating their offerings while also expending significant resources in the development of new and innovative solutions that will help them reach that goal,” concludes Kerstin Dietze. “We are extremely excited to be bringing the results of this work to Coteca to spread the word in that the future of coffee and tea packaging is here.”

Banerjee added “We have advised companies around the world on the options available to them to replace existing non-renewable packaging formats with more sustainable options. Many of the samples we have on show on the stand are good examples. There is certainly a move in the tea and coffee industry towards sustainable packaging.

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