Office Coffee Service Leader Chooses Realcup™ Brand Single-Serve Solution For Quality, Choice And Innovation

Office Coffee Service Leader Chooses Realcup™ Brand Single-Serve Solution For Quality, Choice And Innovation

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Dec. 15, 2014 /CNW/ – The RealCup™ brand solution for single-serve coffee and tea has a powerful new partner in office towers, tech companies and high-growth employee-focused offices throughout New York and New Jersey. Corporate Essentials, is a leader in the Office Coffee Service industry with more than 1,500 office clients, reaching more than 150,000 employees each day with beverage products, healthy snacks, fresh fruit and dairy products and services, including the highest grade coffee and tea.

Beginning in January, Corporate Essentials will be expanding its offering to include more than 60 different products from the RealCup™ portfolio. This includes Martinson® coffees, cocoas and cappuccinos, Tim Horton’s® coffee, Marley Coffee®, Higgins & Burke™ teas and Brown Gold® coffees. Martinson’s roots in the New York area go back as far 1898 when Joe Martinson, known as ‘The Real Joe,’ began roasting coffee beans in his mother’s kitchen. Corporate Essentials’ clients will appreciate the high-quality products from the brand that shares their unique New York coffee heritage.

“Since launching our business nearly 20 years ago, we’ve had an unwavering commitment to give our clients the best quality products and innovations,” said Judson Kleinman, President/CEO and founder of Corporate Essentials. “When we tasted the RealCup™ portfolio of coffees and teas, we knew we had to make them available to our clients. The fresh taste that comes from a RealCup™ capsule makes these products a premium offering at great value. We’re confident that the taste and quality in the cup will quickly make the brands in RealCup™ capsules some of our most popular offerings.”

In addition to the RealCup™ brand’s selection of hot beverages, Corporate Essentials will also offer new and existing clients the RC400 RealCup™ brewer from Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee. The dependable, commercial grade office brewer delivers maximum flexibility and performance with both a water reservoir AND plumbed-in capabilities, as well as brew sizes from 4–16 oz. Beginning in 2015, coffee brands in the RealCup™ portfolio will be available in the more environmentally friendly EcoCup™ capsule format, which makes it easy for users to dissemble the capsule components for recycling.

“Our office clients are looking for coffee and tea solutions that are better for the environment and that make their employees feel better about their daily beverage consumption. Sustainability is important to our customers and to our company so the availability of the EcoCup™ capsule format is another important advantage of this new partnership,” added Kleinman.

“When Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee decided to enter the single-serve coffee market, we had clear direction from the company’s owners – if we do it, we must deliver a better quality cup,” explained Rusty James, Vice President of Foodservice Sales for Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee. “Customer after customer has told us that we’ve achieved that, both through our capsule technology and our new brewers. We’re excited to be partnering with Corporate Essentials and helping them to provide their clients with new innovations in the single-serve capsule format that deliver great quality and taste in the cup.”

Corporate Essentials also reaches beyond their extensive client list in the OCS Channel, with more than 50,000 individual online shoppers in the U.S. who have connected with the company’s at-home ordering website at Individual buyers will have the opportunity to purchase RealCup™ brand offerings with more than 60 SKUs soon to be available for on-line purchase.

About RealCup™ Brand Single Serve Capsules:
RealCup™ capsules are designed for use with Keurig ® K-Cup® compatible single-serve brewers. RealCup™ single-serve capsules were developed by Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee, one of the largest coffee and tea manufacturers inNorth America. The company combines state-of-the-art technology and new product innovation with more than 102 years of quality and service excellence to deliver an exceptional beverage experience in mainstream and specialty coffee, tea, and complementary beverages. A leader in the single-serve beverage industry, the RealCup™ brand strives to bring sustainability, choice, value and quality to the consumer, both through partner brands and through flexible licensing agreements.


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