Community Coffee partner to launch Community coffee K-Cup packs

Community Coffee partner to launch Community coffee K-Cup packs

Canadian companies are far from making the honour roll when it comes to eco-conscious practices – 60 per cent of Canadians gave them a ‘C’ or ‘D’ grade in a new Angus Reid Forum study, entitled, Canada’s Sustainability Report Card, commissioned by OneCoffee. 64 per cent of the poll’s respondents gave Canadian politicians the same “needs improvement” grade.

In contrast, when it comes to their own eco practices, 40 per cent of Canadians give themselves an ‘A’ grade on the same scale.

“This poll shows that Canadians are expecting corporate Canada, and our government, to do a much better job of making environmentally friendly choices easier,” says Dr. David Bell, senior scholar, Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University.

The poll was issued by Canterbury Coffee Corporation (manufacturers of OneCoffee), a company that is leading the charge in the coffee category with a sustainable single-serve coffee. 

These poll results were released in tandem with the launch of OneCoffee’s new, 99 per cent biodegradable, organic and fair trade single-serve coffee. It is the most sustainable option currently available to Canadians in single-serve coffee.

“We’ve developed a better solution for both people and the planet with our 99 per cent biodegradable coffee pods, but we won’t stop there,” said Victoria Gray, Director of Marketing, Canterbury Coffee Corporation. “Our goal is to make OneCoffee 100 per cent compostable, and we’re working closely with commercial composters to determine how OneCoffee can be accepted in municipal organic waste programs.”

While the OneCoffee lid, ring, and bag are 100% compostable, the company is still searching to find a supplier who can provide a compostable filter mesh that will withstand the heat and pressure of the OneCoffee production process.

“Change happens only when there is a combination of drivers, including public policy, demonstrated leadership from the corporate world, customer demand and municipal action,” says Bell. “Brands like OneCoffee are leading by example as advocates for change, by showing manufacturers and municipal stakeholders that there is consumer demand for compostable materials and better composting programs.”

The study reveals that while Canadians have high expectations of themselves and others to adopt eco-friendly practices, consumption of products destined for the landfill, such as single-serve coffee, still remains high.

The single-serve coffee category continues to grow in popularity. In fact, more than one-third of Canadians (38 per cent) use a single-serve coffee maker, from brands such as Keurig®, Cuisinart®, Hamilton Beach® and more. Among these Canadians, an average of ten single-serve coffees are consumed weekly, and two-thirds (65 per cent) of this group dispose of their used single-serve cups in the garbage bin.

With the launch of OneCoffee’s new 99 per cent biodegradable single-serve coffee, Canadians can continue to enjoy the comfort and convenience of single serve, while becoming the proof point that corporations need to further the case for composting and bring about change.

“This is an encouraging eco-conscious product enhancement, as a 99 per cent biodegradable OneCoffee soft pod is 100 per cent better than anything currently on the market,” says Bell.


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