Mini coffee shop just child’s play

Mini coffee shop just child’s play

COFFEE is not a recommended part of a child’s diet but Sarah Garrett has made sure a play cafe is a hit with youngsters at its adult equivalent.

Baila Coffee and Vinyl in Victoria Road opened in June 24, but had been waiting for the right time and ideas to refurbish the upstairs space at the coffee house.

Sarah, 34, is mother to two youngsters aged three and one, and offered to create Baby Baila, a miniature version of the music-orientated dining space for owners Laura and Matt Bailey.

Blackboards adorn the walls of the main downstairs space, with a variety of drawings and designs put together by Sarah herself, who took the theme upstairs.

There is a counter, coffee machine and cash register for children to play with, with seating, blackboard walls and vinyl mixing desks attached, continuing the music theme.

“The idea was we would always do upstairs as well, and the place has been open a few months now,” she said.

“We were watching how the existing space worked for the children, which toys were their favourites, things like that.

“Over the months I have been coming up with ideas withthe owners for babies up to school age and so we have created a Baby Baila.

“We want them to role play and do the job Matt does downstairs.

“There is a coffee machine and cash register. I have got a one-year-old serving tea to everybody and a three-year-old doing exactly the same.”

The new area was opened up to parents and their children on Tuesday morning, after two solid days of work by Sarah and Laura Bailey, a co-owner.

It is hoped the area will provide a space for parents to attend and meet for refreshments, while their children are occupied.

“When they found the venue, obviously the area downstairs appealed. Upstairs, Laura instantly thought this would be perfect for mums with young children, because there’s really nowhere you can go.

“There are places which are welcoming, but you feel awkward with your children.

“The staff are wonderful elsewhere and say that children are welcome, but sometimes it’s the other people.

“It’s so nice to come somewhere, where it’s a cool environment for the parents.”

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