Imperial Proper Coffee Drip takes up to 4 hours to brew the perfect coffee


If you’d like to start your day with the perfect cup of coffee, then
you may need to start getting up four hours earlier. A new coffee maker
from Proper Coffee can take up to this long to produce a brew. The
Imperial Drip uses a cold-drip process that’s said to extract the most
flavor from the coffee.

The Imperial Proper Coffee Drip uses a peristaltic pump to draw the
water out of the brewing vessel and through the ground coffee one drip
at a time. The speed of the pump can be adjusted for a lighter brew to
be produced in an hour or for a stronger cup of joe in up to four hours.
Proper Coffee recommends a speed of 40 to 45 drips per minute, which
will result in a strong flavorsome beverage.

In addition to using a cold-drip process, the Imperial deposits the
brewed coffee back into the brewing vessel. This means that the brewed
coffee is recirculated, allowing for “more water to coffee grind contact
over a longer period of time.” The machine also uses a stone filter
that Proper Coffee says helps to get more moisture into the coffee
grinds. The company recommends using high-quality “
third wave” coffee with the machine.


Proper Coffee is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to set up a
manufacturing area at its Michigan based to produce its new coffee
machines. Individuals can pledge US$199 to receive an Imperial model,
assuming all goes to plan. Deliveries are expected to begin in December
this year.

At the other end of the scale, those who prefer to stay in bed for as long as possible in the mornings could try the Barisieur coffee-making alarm clock.

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