De’Longhi making manual coffee easier with new Dedica machine and ESE coffee pods

It’s simple and intuitive to use, but still gives you full control of
your own coffee. That is the marketing message surrounding De’Longhi’s
new manual coffee machine, The Dedica, which will be available

The Dedica Manual Coffee Machine (RRP $349 ) makes the “easiest form
of coffee possible with a manual machine,” according to De’Longhi and
shares much of its internal workings, such as the thermoblock heating
system, with De’Longhi’s automatic coffee machine the Eletta (RRP

The Dedica is just 15 centimetres wide and will be available in red,
black or silver. It has a detachable water tank, cup warmer and steam
wand for manual milk frothing.  It also dispenses hot water and the cup
levels can be reprogrammed from 20 to 360 millilitres to make your
preferred coffee.

DeLonghi Dedica Red

De’Longhi Dedica is 15 centimetres wide.

The ease of use message surrounding the Dedica is also reinforced by
De’longhi’s foray into pre-packaged pouches of ground coffee called ESE

The new Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pods contain De’Longhi’s ground
wood-fired roasted beans, available in three blend varieties including
Connoisseur (100 per cent Arabica), Family Value (70 per cent Arabica
and 30 per cent Robusta) and Decaf.

An ESE pod offers “an easier solution to an espresso” by taking
tamping and grinding out the equation. The resulting espresso has a
silkier surface than one made with ground coffee. Grinding and tamping
the beans yourself is more time consuming but rewards you with an
espresso with a thicker crema on the surface — if that is the way you
prefer your espresso.

The De’Longhi branded ESE pods will be sold through retail,
supermarkets and online from August. Along with a grinder, ESE pods will
provide retailers with another upsell opportunity.

Steam wand

De’Longhi Dedica in black



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