Check Out the Coffee Machine

How much do you love coffee? How far would you be willing to go for
the perfect cup? Philips is about to put your dedication to the test
with their new mega-coffee maker to end all coffee makers—the Saeco
GranBaristo Avanti.

when a coffee maker is first shown off the year before release as a
concept model, you know there’s some serious brewing going on. Well,
after its debut at last year’s IFA, all that conceptualizing has
percolated into one behemoth of a finished product. The GranBaristo
Avanti is an espresso machine that can be controlled from a tablet—a
tablet because you’re going to need the screen space for all the

Check Out the Coffee Machine

Not only are there 18(!) preset coffee drink options, but you can
adjust each drink to your taste, with slider bars for strength, drink
size, and amount of milk. If in your experiments you stumble across an
undiscovered gem of coffee perfection, you can share your creation on
social media using the app. The app also has detailed, step-by-step
instructions with images and animations telling you how to clean and
maintain the GranBaristo Avanti. If at this point you’re getting a
little self-conscious about your coffee cred, you can even take coffee
connoisseur classes as part of Saeco’s brand ambassador program.

The exterior of the GranBaristo Avanti comes in either steel/silver
or steel/anthracite. In case you haven’t noticed, this is the primo
stuff when it comes to coffee makers. How primo? Only 500 units will be
produced, and each one will be individually numbered (keep in mind, this
is an espresso machine). On top of that, it’ll only be available for a
short time in a few luxury stores in Belgium, the Netherlands,
Luxembourg, Germany, and Russia. So, if you’re not in one of those
places, hopefully you have someone around there you can send on that



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