TreeHouse Cracks the Code on Keurig 2.0

TreeHouse Foods has developed a private label coffee pod it
claims is compatible with Keurig Green Mountain Inc.’s 2.0 system –
which was designed in part to thwart private label copies.

“We are particularly pleased to announce that we have successfully
developed new single serve coffee products that will work in both
existing and next generation coffee makers manufactured by the leading
supplier of personal at-home brewing systems in the United States,”
TreeHouse Chairman and CEO Sam Reed said in a second-quarter earnings
report in August.

Meanwhile, TreeHouse continues to press a lawsuit filed earlier this
year against Keurig Green Mountain, calling its new system
anticompetitive and monopolistic.

Speaking of K-cups: Nestle USA’s Coffee-mate will be available in
Keurig Green Mountain’s K-Cups this fall in the U.S. The pods will
contain roast and ground coffee with creamer, the first such two-in-one
offering. Parent company Nestle previously debuted Nespresso single-cup
coffee pods.

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