RealCup™ Brand Capsules Compatible with Keurig® 2.0 Brewers

Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee announces technology for
independent capsule brands; ensuring continued freedom of choice for

RealCup™ brand, the fast-growing portfolio of independent
single-serve beverage capsules, has delivered another innovation
breakthrough that will ensure consumers continue to enjoy the widest
possible choice and the best available taste in single-serve coffee and
tea capsules.

Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee, the company that
owns and manufactures the RealCup™ technology and brand, announced today
that it will launch a new version of the RealCup™ capsule that is
compatible with Keurig Green Mountain’s K2.0 brewer, scheduled for
launch later this year. 

RealCup™ capsules have been chosen by
popular brands including Marley Coffee®, Martinson® coffee, Numi® tea,
China Mist® tea, and Higgins & Burke tea™, as well as some of
North America’s most recognized private label brands.

“We are very pleased that our focus on innovation, quality, and
freedom of choice has led to new technology that will produce authentic
tasting coffee and tea products in all K-Cup type single-serve brewers,
both old and new styles,” said
Bill VandenBygaart,
Vice President of Business Development for Mother Parkers.  “Standard
size capsule brews, as well as larger carafe and multi-serve formats,
will soon be available for independent brands of single-serve capsules.
Consumers will be the ultimate winners by having the best tasting
coffees and teas available.”

The new technology will be applied to
the recently launched EcoCup™ capsule format, which utilizes a
recyclable filter and cup that is accepted by many curbside recycling
programs.  Higgins & Burke loose leaf teas launched in the clear
capsule EcoCup™ clear capsule format in
April 2014 and a wide variety of coffee brands will be available in the eco-conscious choice in 2015.

of the new, K2.0-compatible capsule formats to be launched by Mother
Parkers will feature the FlavorMax™ filter.  The unique filter allows
more of the essential oils into the cup to produce a new level of
quality and authentic taste in single-serve capsule brewing, proven in
scientific studies to deliver a more flavorful cup of coffee compared to
the leading brand.

About RealCup™ Brand Single-Serve Capsules:

capsules are designed for use with Keurig® K-Cup® compatible
single-serve brewers. RealCup™ single-serve capsules were developed by
Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee, one of the largest coffee and tea
manufacturers in
North America. The
company combines state-of-the-art technology and new product innovation
with more than 100 years of quality and service excellence to deliver an
exceptional beverage experience in mainstream and specialty coffee,
tea, and complementary beverages. A leader in the independent
single-serve beverage industry, the RealCup™ brand strives to bring
sustainability, choice, value and quality to the consumer, both through
partner brands and through flexible licensing agreements.



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