Minipresso Espresso Machine is Super Small and Super Efficient


Nothing compares to a hot cup of espresso in the morning. Reading the news and slurping on a delicious, energy-boosting drink. But what happens when we don’t have an espresso machine when we’re out? Oh, the tragedy. Worry not my friends, there is a new gadget in town and it was especially designed to save the coffee-drinker’s life. The Minipresso espresso machine is compact but very capable. Capable of delivering a fresh, hot cup of delicious coffee.

What makes this tiny object give the best espresso coffee when you’re away? The secret is the semi-automatic piston which is pumped by hand by the user. The Minipresso espresso machine also has a water reservoir inside the flask’s casing and a filter where you can put ca coffee capsule or coffee grounds. The latter you can do using a special adapter. The Minipresso espresso machine comes with cup and a pump. The cup is actually the cap on top of the flask itself.

To get the coffee out of this little beast you need to pump the piston by hand just a few times in order to build up some extraction pressure. Continuing to pump will help extract the coffee. The Minipresso espresso machine has pumping instruction depending on what type of coffee you want to enjoy. For a normal espresso you need to pump it 18 times, for example. For a ristretto you, 13 pumps and for a double espresso, you pump the Minipresso espresso machine 28 times. Nothing complicated with this life saving espresso machine.

“Doesn’t matter if you’re going away for few hours or a fortnight, space and weight are major factors when you select your travel equipment. Minipresso espresso machine has been designed to be the smallest, lightest and most versatile handheld espresso machine. It’s also the first of its kind to integrate an espresso cup.” The description kind of sums it up.

The Minipresso espresso machine weighs 0,8 pounds, is 17,6 cm long and the tank can hold 69,5 ml of water. The machine is available to pre-order for $39 on the official site.

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