Marley Coffee and Bevyz Sign Agreement

Marley Coffee and Bevyz Sign Agreement to Produce and Market Marley Coffee Hot, Cold and Sparkling Drink Capsules

Bevyz to Release Marley Coffee-Branded Capsules, Expanding to Iced and Sparkling Beverages

DENVER, Aug. 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Marley Coffee (OTCQB:JAMN), the sustainably grown, ethically farmed and
artisan-roasted gourmet coffee company, has signed an agreement with
Bevyz, manufacturer of the world’s only multi-drink system, to produce
Marley Coffee hot, cold and sparkling capsules for the Bevyz system.

Bevyz is a proprietary, single-serve drink system that dispenses hot,
cold and sparkling beverages using its unique capsule technology. As
such, it is a disruptive innovation set to revolutionize the beverage

Bevyz will soon produce and release Marley Coffee-branded capsules,
initially for use in its systems across North America and Europe,
markets in which Marley Coffee already benefits from established
distribution and brand recognition.

Eva Schwarz, co-founder of Bevyz, said, “We believe that in order for
our groundbreaking, innovative multi-drink system to achieve significant
market penetration, we need strong brands behind us. We feel that
Marley Coffee is one of the strongest upstart brands we’ve seen in the
market today, and look forward to a productive relationship.”

Rohan Marley, Founder and Chairman of Marley Coffee, said, “Our
agreement with Bevyz represents a tremendous opportunity for Marley
Coffee to promote our brand across multiple platforms. What is so
exciting about the Bevyz system is that unlike competitors that offer
only hot or cold drinks, it can offer both–a potentially huge market
disruptor. This has the potential to introduce our coffees to a huge new
segment of the coffee-loving population worldwide. We concur with the
analysts’ belief that the at-home carbonation market could potentially
rise to a several hundred-billion-dollar source of revenue globally. If
this market can even partially replicate the success of the at-home
coffee brewing market, there is a tremendous upside, and a major
opportunity we want to capture.”

About Bevyz

The Bevyz management team has long-standing experience in creating
delicious drinks and innovative beverage systems. The goal at Bevyz is
to continuously improve the consumer’s drink experience by creating
innovative, yet easy-to-use, single-serve capsule systems that dispense a
limitless variety of premium beverages for every drink moment of the
day. This ambition leads Bevyz to work exclusively with leading
world-renowned partners.

Bevyz derives its name from various historic words, including “bevey”
from the Middle English, meaning a large group or collection. Also, the
Old French “beivre” and the Latin “bibere” meaning “to drink.” Modern
English usage sees “bevy” as “a lot of” (particularly ‘a bevy of
beauties’) and bevvy as a shortened form of beverage. The use of “z”
reflects the infinite number of beverage choices available with the
Bevyz system. BEVYZ(R) is a registered trademark of MDS Global Holding



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