Kirk Does It Work: Do the Cafe Cups work?

Keurig K-cups seem to be more popular than ever.  They are convenient and easy.  Problem is, they cost a whole lot more than brewing a pot of coffee at home.  What if you could combine the best of both worlds?  That’s exactly what the Cafe Cup does.  It’s essentially a small coffee basket that you can use in any Keurig coffee machine (except the new 2.0 Keurig machines).  I put it to the test to answer the question, Kirk, Does It Work?

I bought Folgers Vanilla Biscotti and Starbucks Breakfast blend in both K-cups and ground coffee.  I brewed both along with the dreaded office coffee as a control (and because I secretly wanted to see if I could slip it past my testers).  Then, we lined up cups with each sample and had Ken Clark, Jennifer Broome and KDVR engineer Scott Gilden jump in for a blind taste test.

First of all, the Folgers seemed to clog the Cafe Cup.  I tried it in 2 different cups and it overflowed both times.  It still brewed into the cup just fine but it clearly overflowed the machine.  The Starbucks brewed fine in the Cafe Cup.

As for taste, the decisions were unanimous across the board.  Everyone preferred the Starbucks in the Cafe Cup and the Folgers from the K-cup.  Nobody picked the office coffee.  I would have been worried if they did.

With a split decision it’s clear that Cafe Cup is perfectly capable of brewing a decent cup of coffee and in some cases it may taste as good or better than the K-cup from the store.  You’ll have to decide if the extra work of filling the Cafe Cup and cleaning it out is worth it.

When it comes to saving money, the K-cup will cost you a lot more!  We bought everything from King Soopers.  The Folgers K-cups came out to $.58 per cup while the Folgers ground coffee in the Cafe Cups came out to $.17 per cup.  The Starbucks K-cups cost us $.80 per cup while the Starbucks ground coffee in the Cafe Cup cost $.18 per cup.

In the end, the Cafe Cup works but you’ll have to experiment to find the right coffee that doesn’t clog the Cafe Cup and tastes the way you like it.


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