Kill the K-Cup video aims to show environmental impact of coffee pods


A satirical video produced by a Halifax production studio is hoping to shed light on the environmental impact of using disposable coffee pods.

The short video is shot in a mock-horror, found footage style — similar to the movie Cloverfield. The video follows a group of people as they run from a monster and a series of alien invaders made of disposable coffee cups set to destroy the city.

Halifax-based Egg Studios, in partnership with Social Bean Gourmet Coffee Co. want people to be aware how much waste the popular trend generates.

The CEO of Egg Studios said before making the video, his company was just as guilty as anyone else.

“We had K-Cup, Keurig machines in our offices and we quickly realized that there was a lot of waste. Those pods aren’t recyclable and Halifax has arguably one of the best recycling programs in the country,” said Mike Hachey.

“We made a choice as a company to get rid of our machines and go with a more sustainable option.”

Working toward recyclable pods by 2020

According to Keurig Green Mountain’s website, the company sold more than 30 billion K-Cups between January 2014 and September 2014.

Hachey said they wanted to send a strong message in a fun way.

“We knew, even doing the video, maybe we would get a cease and desist possibly from Keurig,” he said.

“Our goal really wasn’t to so much get on to Keurig’s back as it was to inform people out there that there are alternatives or that this is the damage Keurig is doing.”

Keurig sent Egg Studios a letter saying they appreciate the humour in the video and are working on their sustainability with a goal of having recyclable pods by 2020.

The YouTube video has been viewed more than 50,000 times.

“This is more like a satirical piece. This is something people won’t believe is really happening, it’s a fun piece, it has a good message to it,” Hachey said.

“It has all of the little things that we like in videos that hopefully make it more passable. We wanted the video to be something people would easily share.”

This video below contains strong language that may offend some.


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