Jean Dujardin joins George Clooney for Lake Como romp in latest Nespresso ad

Not content with stealing George Clooney’s Oscar in 2012, Jean Dujardin is now outwitting the world’s smoothest actor/director out of his beloved Nespresso in the latest TVC to be launched by the capsule coffee maestro.

In a real cosmopolitan affair, the French film star, winner of the Best Actor Academy Award for The Artist, stars alongside American Clooney at Italy’s Lake Como to promote the Swiss brand.

The idea for the ad is ‘how far would you go for a Nespresso’ and it involves Clooney trading Dujardin his gorgeous loafers for a pair of thongs: shenanigans ensue:

“I have been associated with Nespresso for many years and it’s fantastic that the ad campaigns continue to have such a positive reception,” said Clooney, who won an acting Oscar for Syriana, as well a production gong for Best Picture winner Argo. “I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with Jean on this spot, even if he does get the better of me!”

The ad was directed by Grant Heslov — another Oscar winner for producing Argo — and will air in Australia from 16 November 2014. The intention is to drive customers into stores, so retailers should prepare for another influx of queries about ‘George Clooney coffee machines’. Here’s Nespresso Oceania marketing and communications manager Nicole Parker:

“We are excited to launch our latest Nespresso ‘What Else?’ campaign featuring longtime brand ambassador George Clooney and with the new addition of well-known French actor Jean Dujardin.

“We typically launch a new Clooney campaign in time for year-end, one of our busiest periods. The extensive digital and social activation will encourage Club Members and coffee lovers to see just how far they are willing to go to for their favourite Nespresso Grand Cru.”



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