Java jolt: The pricey popularity of coffee pods

The pricey popularity of coffee pods

If you are a regular coffee drinker, chances are you have a sleek
machine at home or work that brews one cup of joe at a time in just

With each press of a button, you get a steaming cup of your favourite coffee. And your wallet takes another hit.

On, a package of 12 Maxwell House K-cup coffee pods
costs $7.99. That works out to about 66 cents per cup of brewed coffee –
cheaper than stopping at a coffee shop on your way to work every

However, a 326g tin of ground Maxwell House coffee, which can make up
to 90 cups, is $6.69. At about 7 cents per cup, that’s the cheapest

Over at Starbucks, a 12-pack of Pike Place coffee pods is $11.95. That’s $1 per cup.

A one-pound bag of the same blend, which can yield nearly four times as many coffee cups, is $16.95 – about 38 cents per cup.

If that doesn’t make you think twice about buying the latest Keurig
coffee brewer, the company announced last week that it will increase the
price of its coffee pods by nine per cent due to the rising cost of
Arabica beans.

Still, surveys and market reports show than when it comes to coffee
pods, convenience trumps price. In the U.S., consumers spent $3.1
billion on coffee pods in 2013, compared to just $132 million five years
earlier, according to the Mintel market research group. Other research
firms have estimated that the Canadian coffee-pod market is worth more
than $700 million per year.

According to the most recent Coffee Association of Canada report, a quarter of coffee drinkers said they used single-serve coffee pods in the previous day.



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