Illy Enters New Segment with Single Serve Brewed Coffee

Single Serve Brewed Coffee for its Proprietary iper Capsule System

Illycaffe, recognized worldwide for innovation and industry leadership in coffee since its founding more than 80 years ago, today announced its entry into single serve brewed coffee.  Through technical enhancements to its proprietary iper system, illy enthusiasts will be able to make espresso based drinks and brewed coffee from a single machine.

Illy’s new iper single serve brewed coffee capsules mark a next phase of innovation from the family-owned Italian brand, building on a system protected by five patents worldwide since its introduction in 2008.  Each new iper brewed coffee capsule features a proprietary, integrated mini filter that is calibrated precisely to brew a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee with the consistent and smooth taste that illy is known for around the world.  At the core of each capsule is illy’s signature coffee blend, containing nine types  of 100 percent sustainably grown Arabica beans, all directly purchased from growers.  Twenty five years ago, illy pioneered directly buying beans from growers to ensure unparalleled bean quality and sustainable practices were adopted.

Beginning in February in the U.S., illy will offer two types of iper brewed coffee capsules — medium and dark roast followed by decaffeinated capsules in late spring.  Each capsule prepares a 7.4 oz cup of coffee and is available in a new “soft cube” pack of 18 capsules at an approximate retail price of $16.49. They will be sold at select retailers including Bed, Bath and Beyond, Bloomingdales and at

In conjunction with the new iper coffee capsules, illy will simultaneously launch a new line of iper capsule machines for home and small office, expressly designed for use with both the new brewed coffee and current iperEspresso capsules.  These machines include theFrancis Francis for illy Y5 DUO and Cuisinart for illy Buona Tazza machines.  Earlier generation Francis Francis models designed prior to the Y5 DUO prepare extraordinary espresso but are not temperature or volume optimized for brewed coffee and cannot be used with the new coffee capsules. (Y5 DUO MSRP $299 plus shipping and tax.) The Cuisinart Buona Tazza collection offers a fully, super-automatic machine that prepares espresso, espresso-based drinks (lattes and cappuccinos) and traditional coffee at the touch of a button, and another unit that perfectly prepares espresso and coffee (MSRP $599 and $299, respectively).

Illy’s 2008 introduction of its innovative iper system changed the way in-home espresso was made with a single serve machine.  Each iperEspresso capsule uses a two phased process, encompassing distinct “hyperinfusion” and “emulsion” stages that work together to deliver aromatic, intense and full-bodied espresso, topped with a rich, long-lasting and velvety crema.

“Discerning coffee drinkers now have a solution that intelligently, efficiently and authentically delivers both single-serve brewed coffee and espresso preparation with one machine, with zero compromise to quality in the cup,” said Andrea Illy, Chairman and CEO of illycaffe S.p.A.  ” Since my grandfather Francesco Illy founded our company in 1933, illy has always thrived on innovation, scientific knowledge, creativity and passion for the best.  This latest introduction is a testament to illy’s culture of invention.”

Over the past 82 years, illy has reimagined many aspects of coffee culture, starting from its introduction of the illetta in 1935 – the precursor to the modern day espresso machine, and the first to use pressurization to protect the coffee and preserve its vital aromas and flavors.

Illy’s deep legacy in coffee and industry leadership will be on display throughout 2015 during EXPO Milano – the “world’s fair” themed Feeding the Planet: Energy for Life.  With 20 million visitors expected, illy is designated as the Official Expo 2015 Coffee Partner and organizer of the Coffee Cluster, created in collaboration with the International Coffee Organization (ICO).  The coffee pavilion at EXPO will demonstrate the past, present and future of coffee across three distinct topics: the product and its journey from bean to cup; the creativity, art and culture that develop around coffee; and the stories and traditions of coffee farmers and enthusiasts.

Editor Notes: 
Both the iperEspresso and Brewed Coffee capsules are recyclable through illy’s RENEW program and can be accessed in three ways:
1) Through the illy a casa subscription program. As a program benefit, members are invited to participate and provided with complimentary RENEW collection bags and pre-paid shipping labels.
2) By dropping used iperEspresso capsules in RENEW designated bins at participating retailers
3) By purchasing a Recycle Kit through illy Customer Care 1-877-469-4559

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