Grand & Toy, TerraCycle Expand Successful Coffee Pod Recycling Effort

Office Depot affiliate Grand & Toy has launched a retailer recycling program for office products in conjunction with TerraCycle Canada. The announcement comes after a successful five month K-Cup Pack pilot recycling partnership between Grand & Toy and TerraCycle for customers in Southern Ontario; the program, now expanding throughout Canada, will also include recycling for office supplies and computer accessories.

The national recycling program will include easily identifiable recycling boxes for consumers to purchase. The boxes – for coffee pods, mixed office supplies and computer accessories – come with a pre-paid UPS shipping label for return to TerraCycle, which then ensures all the items are properly sorted and diverted from landfill.

The pilot program was launched based on feedback from associates, suppliers and customers who identified waste and recycling as their most important sustainability issue, Grand & Toy says. K-Cup Packs, the single-serve coffee pods manufactured by Keurig, have become one of OfficeMax Grand & Toy’s most popular coffee products due to their convenience. Until the pilot program, the coffee capsules were not recyclable via retailers in Canada, the company says.



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