Coffee Maker One Launches To Ensure Coffee Lovers Need Only Buy Right, Buy Once

Coffee Maker One has been created to provide high quality,
independent and insightful reviews of the best brands’ best coffee
makers to ensure there users need only one coffee maker for life.

San Francisco, CA, United States of America – September 12, 2014 /MarketersMedia/ —

is one of the great obsessions of the 21st century. Since Starbucks
showed that coffee could be a premium, artisanal beverage and not a
burnt diner mainstay, people have curiously connected to caffeine, and
this has caused a boom in all kinds of related products. Instant coffee
will now no longer suffice, and people want home coffee makers that can
produce results as good as a barista. Coffee Maker One helps them to
find such devices, reviewing coffee makers from big brand so that
aficionados can buy right and buy once, thanks to their insight.

The site has launched meaning business, with over a hundred reviews
already live on the site from big brands like Braun, Hamilton, Black and
Decker and De’Longhi. The
reviews of coffee makers from Coffee Maker One are insightful and concise, providing all the information users need in a standardized format to ensure easy cross comparison.

The site also has a featured section for coffee makers on sale currently under special offers for those seeking a bargain, while every
review comes with high quality imagery, a detailed product description
and direct access to Amazon product reviews so users can read for
themselves the feedback from real users and make a decision that way.

A spokesperson for Coffee Maker One explained, “We enable users to
order on Amazon right from the site so once a decision is made, the
product can be bought within seconds, which makes us an invaluable
resource for those who want to make the right decision without wasting
huge amounts of time. All our reviews are concise and to the point, also
to save time, while our featured section allows people to select from
products currently under discount to save money too. We have designed to
the site to be a complete solution from the moment people decide they
want a coffee maker to the time their ideal machine is delivered.”

About Coffee Maker One: Coffee Maker One is a website that publishes
in depth, insightful, independent reviews of coffee makers designed to
inspire consumers with helpful purchasing advice. The site allows
individuals to search by brand or by featured special offers, as well by
most recently added.



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