Cambridge startup Big Cup Little Cup Sold to Leading Coffee Pod Entrepreneurs CaféPod

Cambridge-based digital marketing firm Genie Ventures has sold
its stake in Big Cup Little Cup to British coffee capsule firm CaféPod.
It follows closely behind Genie Ventures’ successful sale of sister
coffee subscription service Kopi to Cafédirect in May.

The Big Cup Little Cup sale follows huge growth in the coffee pod industry, with sales rising
more than 50 per cent last year. CaféPod has played a big part in this,
with its Nespresso-compatible capsules available in Waitrose, Tesco,
Ocado, Selfridges and Whole Foods.

Big Cup Little Cup will add an e-commerce platform to CaféPod’s
existing business model, as it offers limited edition and small-batch
artisan coffees to consumers at the click of a button. Its acquisition
will help grow the brand and extend its reach with widened distribution

Ciaron Dunne, CEO of Genie Ventures,
said: “Big Cup Little Cup is further proof innovative online businesses
with great products and first-class customer service can successfully
take on tired, traditional retail brands.

“Consumers won’t settle for ordinary tastes from global
multinationals when they can get amazing coffee and a better experience
online. We’ve worked closely with the guys at CaféPod since July 2013,
and we have no doubt that their passion, knowledge and entrepreneurial
culture will continue to drive the Big Cup Little Cup coffee, brand and
consumer experience onwards and upwards.”

Big Cup Little Cup delivers top-quality, direct from Roastery,
Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules straight to customers’ doors,
ordered conveniently through the website.

CaféPod Founder Peter Grainger added: “We see this as an important
move in the future of coffee purchasing. This additional channel will
enable us to communicate directly with our consumers and spread the word
about the quality of our coffee, with the ease of having it delivered
to their doorstep”.

CaféPod and Big Cup Little Cup now offer 15 unique products across
two exciting ranges, graded by strength to suit every palate, all
blended by Master Blender John Thompson.


Big Cup Little Cup delivers top-quality, direct from
roastery coffee straight to customers’ doors. It isthe brainchild of a
coffee entrepreneur and an online marketing expert who have combined
with arenowned master blender to offer a quality coffee experience.

Genie Ventures is an e-commerce and digital marketing specialist
responsible for a range of market leadingbrands such as Broadband Genie,
Office Genie and Genie Goals. Genie uses technology and knowhow to
connect consumers to merchants through its range of intelligent services
including paid search, price comparison, feed optimisation and

CaféPod is an innovative British business, manufacturing high-quality
Nespresso compatible coffee capsules for the UK and European market. It
partners with established coffee brands from Europe and across the
globe to assist in taking advantage of the Nespresso delivery platform.

For further media information, interview or comment requests from Genie Ventures please contact Saisha Moran: 0844 415 5531 [email protected]



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