8 Ways to Save Money When Buying K-Cups

8 Ways to Save Money When Buying K-Cups

If you’re lucky enough to own a Keurig, then you are probably fully aware of its time- and money-saving abilities. To sweeten the deal, our friends at All You have come up with even more ways you can save some dough when it comes to buying K-cups.

I sit approximately three feet from the office Keurig machine here at All You, which is both gloriously convenient and also a bit of a problem (with nothing stopping me from making 3-4 cups a day, I’ve developed a serious addiction). And while the K-cups flow freely here at work, sustaining my habit at home gets expensive quickly. Motivated entirely in part by my own interests, we asked Reality Checkers how they save money on those pricey K-cup packs. Here are a few of their helpful tips:

1. Know where to shop. A few surprising places to find deals include Staples (“They offer good prices on 24-packs,” says reader Denise Williams); Boxed.com, where we found an 80-pack of San Francisco Bay Organic Arabia K-cups for just $35; Bed Bath & Beyond (you can often use a 20 percent off coupon on your purchase); Dollar General (“They carry a lot of different flavors in generic brands,” says Kathy Ledbetter); Amazon.com; CoffeeForLess.com and CrossCountryCafe.com.

2. “Hack” your machine. Many owners of the new and improved Keurig 2.0 have been frustrated that the latest model only accepts the more expensive branded K-cups with a special seal. Thankfully, bloggers from KeurigHack.com figured out a way to trick the seal so any K-cup will work in the machine. Watch the video here to learn how to use any K-Cup in the Keurig 2.0.

3. Opt for a different system. “We own a Cuisinart-brand Keurig brewing system and it came with a cup that takes regular loose coffee grounds. This allows us to save a ton of money while still utilizing the one-cup-at-a-time mission the machine was built for.”—Amy Mullins

4. Buy smart accessories. “I swear by the Solofill Cup Refillable Cup. It lets me stock up on my favorite Starbucks bagged coffee when it’s at a great price instead of buying their pricey K-cups. Plus, it’s eco-friendly!” —Rhianna Walker

5. Look for deals at your supermarket. “My grocery has sales often with 5-packs for $4.99 each (you must buy five), so if you seek out the packs with the largest number of cups, you can save a ton and try the more expensive and hyped brands. Also, some of the bargain outlets will often have a case of 36 for $15-20.” —Kelly Brown

6. Register your Keurig brewer. If you have a relatively new brewer and haven’t done this already, head to Keurig.com and register the device now. After you activate your warranty, you can get two free boxes of Keurig Brewed beverages when you buy two boxes, saving you 50 percent.

7. Stockpile freebies. In the past, Starbucks has given away free full-size boxes of K-cups on their Discovery page, Target has offered free K-cups on their sample site, Gevalia has given away K-cups on their Facebook page and Walmart occasionally has free Lipton tea K-cups available.

8. Sign up for emails. If there’s a particular brand of coffee you love, sign up for their email newsletters and you’ll be the first to know when sample opportunities are available. Make sure you also sign up for All You’s Daily Free Sample emails and we’ll notify you when we hear about new free K-cup samples.


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