2015’s coffee news and trends

Jamie Knights goes after the beans and takes in the caffeine, with the top trends, news and products in the region’s coffee sector


Filter coffee
Bravilor Bonamat has launched the Thermal Brewers Aurora. The machines have been developed as a front-of-house solution, making design one of its main features. Additionally, the Thermal Brewers can brew filter coffee according to the SCAE Gold Cup standard. The Thermal Brewers are available as single and twin units in low and high versions. All units offer three programmes as standard: mild roast, regular roast, and dark roast.

Nespresso and glass makers Riedel have released what they are calling “the most advanced tasting vessel possible in order to maximise the Nespresso Grand Cru experience”. The Reveal Collection has been crafted to accentuate aroma through its size, height and width. It is available in a set of two Intense or Mild glasses.

Melitta Cafina CT8 
Melitta Professional’s new model Melitta Cafina CT8 can meet extreme requirements in terms of both output performance and ease-of-use. With a simple touch of the finger, top-quality coffee, milk, and hot chocolate variations are quickly and reliably prepared according to customer wishes. The machine combines the latest technology and ease of operation with the smallest footprint in a modern design.

Latest news

The Coffee Club has opened its second outlet in the UAE and first in Dubai. Its first outlet in UAE was inaugurated by Liwa Minor Food and Beverages in Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, with the Dubai property located on Al Wasl Road.

The Coffee Club is well-known for its all-day breakfast and serves as a relaxed meeting place for approximately 30 million annual customers.

Michael Chick, general manager, Liwa Minor Food and Beverages LLC said with the United Arab Emirates’ “diverse, multicultural population of expats as well as its openness to host new brands and concepts, the nation represents an ideal launch venue for our brand in the GCC”.

Since its inception in 1989, The Coffee Club has become Australia’s largest home-grown café group with more than 360 cafés in nine countries.

Coffee Planet managing director Robert Jones revealed to Caterer Middle East during Gulfood 2015 that the firm is now the exclusive distributor for Victoria Arduino, with “new pieces of equipment which are an espresso machine and a grinder”.

He added: “ This particular machine [the espresso machine] is called the Black Eagle and it is the official machine for the World Barista Championships. The grinder is called the Mythos One grinder.” Jones continued: “Both of these pieces of equipment are best in class and our leading pieces of equipment in the coffee world at the moment.” He concluded: “We’re very proud to be working with them and distributing these top of the range pieces of equipment.”

Read More: https://www.cemachinery.com/semi-automatic-coffee-capsule-filling-sealing-machine-for-nespresso-k-cup-lavazza/



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