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  • Manual Book of Manual Coffee Capsules Sealing Machine

    Manual Book of Manual Coffee Capsules Sealing Machine

    The unite described in this manual and the manual itself were designed and manufactured according to regulations with safeguard the operator and anyone in proximity of the unite. This manual is an integral part of the unit and must be kept with the unit. The buyer is required to keep the manual in g ...

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  • How to Operate Coffee Capsules Filling Sealing Machine

    How to Operate Coffee Capsules Filling Sealing Machine

    Regarding How to Operate Coffee Capsules Filling Sealing Machine, some customer don’t understand. So we make one video to explain.   Company Profile Romiter Group is a market leading designer and a manufacturer of coffee capsule filling sealing machinery, include coffee capsule packing m ...

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  • Top 5 Coffee Countries Every Coffee Lover Should Visit

    Top 5 Coffee Countries Every Coffee Lover Should Visit

    A cup of coffee would greatly make a difference in one’s morning. Many people will say that a day should not start without a fix of caffeine. Here are 5 countries that would offer the best tasting coffee for the weary traveler. Colombia Coffee lovers are familiar with Colombian coffee. It rais ...

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  • Single-serve

    Single-serve “pod” coffee makers

    If you love a good cup of coffee but you can’t be bothered with all the fuss of grinding beans, spooning out ground coffee, or boiling a kettle, apod-coffee maker could be just the thing you’re looking for. These truly idiot-proof machines pack all the mess and fuss into a simple, dispos ...

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  • Top 10 Coffee Pods

    Top 10 Coffee Pods

    By definition, a coffee pod is a single serving of coffee packed in its own filter (much like a tea bag). However, the term coffee pod is often used interchangeably with coffee capsules (also called K-cups), which are also single servings of coffee but are packaged in plastic or aluminum rather than ...

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    Congratulations. You are now one step closer to being a coffee podder and enjoying the hassle free way of making great cups of coffee quickly and easily. There’s just one big question you need to answer now: which coffee pod machine should you choose? We’ve put the below guide together to help you ...

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  • Soft POD and Espresso POD

    Soft POD and Espresso POD

    What is Coffee Pods? A Coffee Pod is pre-packed ground coffee in food grade filter paper in a special shape and size to be used in designated coffee machines or adaptors. Basically, there are 2 types of coffee pods: Soft Pod (to brew regular coffee) Hard Pod a.k.a. Espresso Pod (to brew espresso cof ...

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  • Hard pods, Soft Pods, Capsules what does it all mean?

    Hard pods, Soft Pods, Capsules what does it all mean?

    In today’s society we are constantly looking for labour saving ideas and in the espresso market the large global corporations have only been too happy to feed our desires. Nestle through their “Nespresso” system which incorporates the use of dedicated capsules are making a huge im ...

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  • Coffee Pod Production Process

    Coffee Pod Production Process

    Pod production involves 4 distinct stages: Grinding Your coffee will be ground using a state-of-the-art-grinder which is enclosed. Dosing and tamping Within a couple of seconds your freshly ground coffee is dosed into moulds of 7g, 10g or 14g servings and tamped. Enclosing in pods The tamped and m ...

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  • Coffee Pods for Office&Cafe&Home

    Coffee Pods for Office&Cafe&Home

    Pods for Offices Pods are the perfect way to provide quality espresso in corporate settings such as offices, retail businesses, customer service areas, meeting rooms and even conferences Does any of this sound familiar where you work? Fed up with the ground or instant coffee spilt all over the kit ...

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  • Coffee Pod Types

    Coffee Pod Types

    Pods come in different sizes and are available with different varieties of coffee. Different pod sizes Single Shot 7 gram = single dose for 1 cup (typical 6oz). Usually used on coffee pod-specific espresso machines and some domestic coffee machines. One Shot 10 gram = single dose for 1 cup (typical ...

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  • What are Coffee Pods?

    What are Coffee Pods?

    Pods are a convenient way to make excellent espresso coffees. Each pod contains a single or double serving of freshly ground coffee beans, already measured and pre-tamped, ready for placing into an espresso machine. What goes into a pod? Precisely measured ground coffee Roasted coffee beans are fres ...

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